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Offshore Installation Manager

BW Offshore is looking for strong Offshore Installation Managers for our global fleet of FPSOs. The work place for this position is not yet specified but the rotation will be 5 weeks on and 5 weeks off. 

Responsibility and authority

Key tasks and responsibilities

  •  Responsible for the safety of persons on board, for the seaworthiness and safe operation of the Unit (including the area within its safety zone), its cargo and/or other third party interests and for the prevention of pollution, in accordance with national, regional and international laws, rules and regulations as well as the provisions stated in the Company Management System.
  •  Leader and Company representative on board the Unit. The OIM has the ultimate responsibility and overriding authority and is fully authorized to make and implement all necessary decisions required to comply with the above requirements, and to use Company resources for advice and assistance, as may be found necessary.
  •  Responsible for operating the Unit according to the Contract between the Company and the Client. The OIM has to cooperate with the Client's Representative in order to ensure the efficient production of hydrocarbons within the given design parameters, complying with Client production and injection plans, but always within the context of a safe operating environment.
  •  Empowered to represent and bind the Company in matters pertaining to the safety of the Unit. In doing so the OIM is not entitled to weaken the Company's right to limit liability and the OIM shall always seek to optimize the results for the Company. However, commercial considerations shall not in any way take precedence over safety, security and environmental protection.
  •  The OIM may delegate authority for various duties on board the Unit to other personnel onboard. The OIM must always ensure by instructions and controls that the person so empowered is competent and understands the duties given, and that performance of such duties is executed properly at any time. However, no delegation of authority or any assistance offered, or actually given, relieves the OIM from his/her responsibility. The ultimate responsibility always rests with the OIM.
  •  Responsible for providing daily report to onshore management and responsible for reporting any incidents to onshore management, i.e. Operation Manager, HSSEQ and TMS, according to procedures;
  •  Responsible to ensure onboard compliance with relevant rules and regulations, i.e. Flag, Class, national and international etc. and responsible for implementing, verifying and reviewing the Company's policies through the provisions stated in the Company Management System, including the Offshore Management Review once a year;
  •  Responsible to control and update all documentation and certification of the Unit, associated with the Class and Flag authority as per IMO regulations;
  •  Responsible for training and competency assessment and verification and performance evaluation of subordinates;
  •  Responsible for performance management, appraisal and corrective feedback;
  •  Responsible for shaping a healthy corporate culture on board, proactively thinking about communication and maintaining a positive working environment;
  •  Prepare budget and control expenditure;
  •  Responsible for the implementation of the Safety Case;
  •  Head of the Emergency Response Team.


Qualification requirements


  •  Ideally a minimum of ten years’ experience in the Oil and Gas industry
  •  Ideally a minimum of five years in a supervisory position on board of an FPSO
  •  Preferably previous experience from working in a multicultural environment



  •  In depth knowledge of the relevant requirements of the classification societies and international rules and regulations
  •  Good computer and use of computerized maintenance management skills



  •  The position may require additional travel and/or temporary assignments at project premises or corporate offices






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Q2 2018
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Simen Asak Ruud
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