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Senior Manager Continuous Improvement

BW Offshore is recruiting a Senior Manager Continuous Improvement position for the Operational Integrity department. Employment will be in the Singapore office.

•Responsible for developing and implementing Continuous Improvement Processes and Tools to ensure that Operational Integrity (OI) is under control. Operational Integrity covers Project and Fleet Operations activities, and is involved with achieving the following objectives:
◦Zero harm to personnel
◦Effective management of Major Accident Hazard (MAH) risks
◦Management of Environmental impacts such that they are minimized
◦Maintaining a sustainable business through prudent operations, without compromising the other objectives
•Responsible for ensuring that root causes of failures related to OI are assessed and where necessary robust improvements are developed, implemented and their effectiveness measured.
•Responsible for seeking out good practices which could provide improvements to OI outcomes. These practices could be those practiced "informally" within BW Offshore or implemented within other organizations.
•Responsible for assessing, developing and implementing good practices that provide on balance a benefit to OI outcomes, without compromising other business objectives.
•Responsible for ensuring that all Continuous Improvement tools are fit-for-purpose and that users are competent and trained in their use.
•Responsible for ensuring that a Project Assurance Framework, that ensures project delivery to OI standards, is developed and implemented. The framework shall cover the full project lifecycle from tender through to operations handover.

•Establishes a frame for the Continuous Improvement Processes and Tools.
•Manages assigned resources to develop and implement the Continuous Improvement Processes and Tools according to the frame.
•Continuously checks best industry practice to ensure that Continuous Improvement Processes and Tools remain fit-for-purpose.
•Provides input to the HSSEQ Compliance audit team to ensure that "latent" failures are being effectively sought.
•Manages assigned resources to ensure a thorough assessment of audit findings so that root causes can be established.
•Provides detailed oversight of the investigation of incidents (both HSE and Quality, in both within Projects and Fleet Operations) to ensure an acceptable quality of process such that the root causes of "revealed" failures are properly identified.
•Seeks out good practices within BW Offshore and the industry to establish those practices that could provide a tangible benefit to OI outcomes.
•Manages assigned resources to ensure that all root causes and good practices are subject to thorough assessment such that improvements can be determined and be supported by an appropriate business case.
•Manages assigned resources to ensure that the Management System (MS) is maintained in good order, that improvements are properly documented, and that their effectiveness measured, i.e. delivering against the business case.
•Manages assigned resources to ensure that competency and training is maintained at an acceptable level with regards to Continuous Improvement Processes and Tools.
•Manages assigned resources to ensure that an effective Project Assurance Framework is in place to ensure project delivery against OI standards, and that all deviations are fully assessed and endorsed by stakeholders, and where this is not the case corrective actions are taken.

•Master's degree in Engineering or HSEQ related major, Bachelor's degree with significant relevant experience may be acceptable

•Minimum of 15 years' experience in the offshore Oil & Gas industry, or closely related industry
•Previous experience working in a similar role for an Operating Company
•Previous experience working in a multinational environment is desirable

Interpersonal skills
•Team player with proven leadership skills is essential
•Must possess excellent conceptual thinking skills
•Must be able to demonstrate a pragmatic and delivery orientated approach
•Excellent managerial skills with a high focus on influencing senior stakeholders
•Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
•Analytical skills should be at a level to enable management of complex technical problems and solutions
•Flexibility, honesty and reliability are considered important factors
•Adaptability to change is key for the role
•Strong presentation skills demonstrated at a senior leadership level is preferred
•Must display a passion for Continuous Improvement

•Expert understanding of Continuous Improvement and Assurance processes within an Operating Company environment
•Expert knowledge of Management System implementation
•Experience with both project and operations phases of offshore facilities within an Operating Company environment
•Experience of managing incident investigations and root cause analyses
•Fluent Oral and Written English
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