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Roving Senior Engineer (Steam)

BW Offshore is recruiting a Roving Senior Engineer (Steam) position for the Technical and Maintenance Support department.

•Provide Technical and Maintenance Support to the operating units in terms of steam turbines, condensate, steam and feed water system.
•To ensure the units are maintained with respect to regulatory and BWO requirements.
•Improve steam turbine maintenance

•Technical and advisory support to Operations Managers / Managers, Maintenance (Operations) and Offshore Units in terms of Steam Turbines and associated equipment, gears, lube systems, condensate, feed water and steam systems.
•Provide technical support to Units on steam turbine issues.
•Visit the installations as per roving team plan and as arranged by Manager, Technical.
•Participate in Planned Shutdown as and when required.
•Set up fleet plan for steam turbines major maintenance.
•Carry out major overhauls, PM and inspections of steam turbines and associated systems.
•Set up overhaul routines and intervals, and review existing routines for steam turbines and associated systems, provide solutions for possible extension.
•Review and optimize steam turbine performance.
•Review steam turbine system parts used and suggest improved parts to reduce overall long term cost and increased reliability/availability.
•Provide comprehensive overhaul reports.
•Review spare part stock including minimum and maximum stock on steam turbine parts, including fleet common major spares if applicable.
•Setup reconditioning program for used steam turbine parts.
•Provide Training for the Offshore Mechanical Team and the Roving Team.
•Provide feedback to Manager, Technical.

•Degree in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering or equivalent.

•10 years experience in Oil & Gas or similar industry, out of which 5 years with steam turbines and boilers – preferably onboard FPSO’s.
•At least 5 years of maintenance experience (hands on) of steam turbines and associated equipment such as lube oil system, gears, condensate, feed water and steam systems.

•Leadership quality.
•Excellent team spirit and proactive attitude.
•High interpersonal skills and cultural awareness with multi-cultural workforce.
•High analytical capabilities.
•Good command of English, written and spoken.
•Ability to deliver high quality work on time.

•Needs to travel to any BW Units.
•Needs to support the Units during or outside normal working hours.
•Continual improvement in all spheres of influence.
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